Welcome to the Technology Department

The Technology Department supports staff and students in providing fast, friendly, technical service for all of Romeo Community Schools.  Our purpose is to supply support and training necessary to promote a technology-rich approach to teaching and learning.  We strive to provide the leadership and planning necessary to enable our students to experience personalized learning in a flexible, interactive educational environment. The staff members of the Technology Department are constantly working to stay current with rapidly changing technology in every school and department.  We work in conjunction with other district departments and are responsible for all technology integration.

Technology Department Staff

Executive Director
Technology Service Coordinator
Technology Service Coordinator
Network Engineer
Amanda Moore Elementary
Building Technology Assistant
Hamilton-Parsons Elementary
Building Technology Assistant
Hevel Elementary
Building Technology Assistant
Indian Hills Elementary
Building Technology Assistant
Washington Elementary
Building Technology Assistant

Technology Department

Romeo Middle School
11091 West 32 Mile Road
Romeo, MI 48065
Phone (586) 281-1263

Putting your Chromebook into long-term storage

Doing this will help to preserve battery life, and will prevent you from having battery issues at the beginning of school next year.

Following are instructions : How to put your Chromebook into long-term storage: :

Update to the latest version of the Chrome OS and charge your Chromebooks so that the battery is at least 80% full.

This ensures that even when the battery discharges while unplugged over the summer, it won't fully run out of power.

Connect the device to a charger and turn it on.

Hold Refresh (swirl button) and Power button at the same time.

While holding these keys, remove the power cable from device and then release the keys. The device should shut down and remain off.

Attempt to power the unit on by using the power button.  If the unit does not power on, you have completed the steps and can safely store the system.  If the unit powers on, you should repeat steps 2 thru 4.

Sign up to receive text messages from Romeo Community Schools

PDF DocumentText Messaging Opt-In (English)

PDF DocumentText Messaging Opt-In (Spanish)


Child Internet Protection Act (CIPA)

  • Requires the school to have filters in place to protect students from harmful materials including the obscene.


Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA)

  • COPPA applies to commercial companies and limits their ability to collect personal information from children under 13.
  • By default, advertising is turned off for the District’s presence in Google Apps for Education. No personal student information is collected for commercial purposes.
  • This permission form allows the school to act as an agent for parents in the collection of information within the school context. The school's use of student information is solely for education purposes.


Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)

  • FERPA protects the privacy of student education records and gives parents the rights to review student records.

  • FERPA, schools may disclose directory information (See Board Policy) but parents may request the school not disclose this information. Parents are provided the opportunity

Romeo Community Schools adheres to all of the above requirements.  Students' online safety is of utmost importance to the district and internet safety is taught at all grade levels.

PDF DocumentTechnology Handbook - Connected for Success
PDF DocumentTechnology Handbook - Connected for Success (Spanish)

Parents / Guardians are financially responsible for accidental or purposeful damage to or the loss of the Device, as well as for any costs incurred due to student's use or misuse of the Device.

If the District Issued Device is damaged the fine assessed to the Parent / Guardian will be as follows:

     1st incident    -  $25
     2nd incident   -  $50
     3rd incident    -  Full cost of repair

* If a Device is lost / stolen / intentionally damaged / damaged beyond repair, the fine assessed to the Parent / Guardian will be: - $200 

* If your student transfers out of Romeo Community Schools the device must be returned with all issued accessories, cover / case, charging cord.  If not returned in a timely fashion,  the Device and accessories may be considered stolen and result in legal action, or be required to pay $200 for replacement costs.

* Paying assessed fines

There are several ways to make payments:

Preferred way - Pay online with External LinkSchoolPay

Send cash to school with your student;

Send a check, made out to Romeo Community Schools, to school with your student