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Welcome to The Academies at Romeo High School

The Academies at Romeo are designed with graduation in mind.  The goal is for a young adult to leave Romeo High School ready to confidently pursue career or college.   

The Academies at Romeo exceed all state standards for Michigan Merit Curriculum and are designed around the framework of Ford Next Generation Learning (Ford NGL). The three strands bring together the work of the schools with the needs of our community and businesses. This allows for the following:

Students and teachers belonging to smaller learning communities, where relationships can be built and learning personalized.

Courses being taught through the lens of the academy theme, which aligns the content with application.

Business and community partners providing robust opportunities for students through industry field trips and job shadows while helping teachers and students make connections to real-world problems.

Students having more opportunities to earn college credit through advanced placement courses, dual enrollment and articulated agreements with colleges. Students will also have the ability to earn industry certifications.

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All ninth graders in The Academies at Romeo are enrolled in the Ninth Grade Academy.  In addition to all the Michigan State Standards, the ninth grade year is strategically structured with career exploration and college information.  The goal is to educate and prepare the students for their academy pathway selection. Their pathway choice should remain a focus for their 10th, 11th and 12th grade years.

All ninth graders will be placed randomly on one of three ninth grade teams.  This is strategic, as it creates three smaller “teams” within a class of over 400 freshmen.  Each one of the ninth grade academy teams has the same four core teachers. This builds continuity for the students, allows the teachers to better know the students, gives the students a sense of belonging and ownership within their team and allows the teachers to collaborate on cross curricular lessons. Teachers also meet to discuss students and make plans for students who are struggling.

As added value, in the Ninth Grade Academy, all students have the opportunity to visit area college campuses. They will also have access to industry professionals both in and out of the classroom and will learn the interpersonal or “Success Skills” that it takes to be successful in any job or career.

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Are you interested in learning about Fortune 500 companies and how they develop, protect and market their products across users and systems?

If so, the Business Entrepreneurship and Innovation Academy could be for you. By providing academic and technical courses, this academy will prepare you for postsecondary education or careers in entrepreneurship, business, finance, marketing, culinary arts, hospitality, programming, software development and cybersecurity.

Finance Pathway

Students who choose this pathway learn how to provide analysis and guidance to help businesses and individuals with investment decisions. Accounting, insurance, stocks, and commodities are topics covered in this pathway. Students will learn how to explore, apply, and monitor personal, private and corporate investment opportunities for a stable financial future.

  • Required Pathway Courses - Business Management, Financial Accounting 1, Financial Account 2

Hospitality Pathway

Hospitality and culinary arts are all about the food, accommodations and experiences. In this pathway you will learn the preparation, presentation and personalization it takes to pursue a career in the hospitality industry as well as what it takes to give things a “personal touch” when dealing with the public.

  • Required Pathway Courses - Culinary Arts 1, Culinary Arts 2, Culinary Arts 3

Information Technology (IT) Pathway

As technology continues to advance, the need for employees with cutting edge computer skills will grow. The world runs on information, data and systems that need to be protected. If you enjoy programming, coding, installing hardware, building computers or systems, or the security of those systems and data, this might be the pathway for you.

  • Required Pathway Courses - A.P. CPU Science Principles, Cybersecurity 1, Cybersecurity 2

Marketing and Entrepreneurship Pathway

Does a good commercial or advertisement grab your attention? Do you want to learn about the design and marketing behind companies and how they target specific groups or demographics? Do you have your own “big ideas” or dreams of creating and running all facets of your own business? If so, we suggest you explore this pathway.

  • Required Pathway Courses - Business Management, Marketing, Entrepreneurship


Do you enjoy developing new concepts and implementing creative ways to bring those ideas to life?

If so, the Design, Engineering and Manufacturing Academy could be for you. By providing academic and technical courses, this pathway will prepare you for postsecondary education or careers in engineering, architecture, construction, advanced manufacturing, robotics and video production.

Advanced Manufacturing And Robotics Pathway

Engineering, manufacturing and robotics are critical for the maintenance and advancement of markets and trades like agriculture, fashion, technology and automotive. In this pathway, you will learn how to implement established methods and invent new solutions that can work in tandem to ensure the future of industry.

  • Required Robotics Pathway Courses - Robotics, Mechatronics 1 and Mechatronics 2
  • Required Mechanical Design Pathway Courses - Drafting, Mechanical Design 1, Mechanical Design 2
  • Required Machine Tool Pathway Courses - Machine Tool 1, Machine Tool 2, Machine Tool 3

Architecture And Construction Pathway

The creation of buildings that not only look good but are safe and comfortable is the result of methodical design and assembly. In this pathway, you will learn the principles needed to develop structures from the architectural phase to the implementation of the various infrastructures and systems that go into construction.

  • Required Architecture Pathway Courses - Drafting, Architectural Design 1, Architectural Design 2
  • Required Construction Pathway Courses - Construction 1, Construction 2, Construction 3

Media Production Pathway

What do YouTube tutorials, news broadcasts and blockbuster movies all have in common? They utilize production techniques to create videos that inform and entertain people. In this pathway, you will learn how to use the right camera, editing, direction and communication skills to create amazing videos that captivate audiences, big and small.

  • Required Pathway Courses - Video Production 1, Video Production 2, Video Production 3

Do you enjoy helping others improve their lives through a variety of resources and support?

If so, the Health, Human and Public Service Academy could be for you. By providing academic and technical courses, this academy will prepare you for postsecondary education or careers in public safety, counseling, education and health services.

Education Pathway

Advancements across the globe have one thing in common – they stem from instructors that foster individuals’ unique abilities and help them grow through education. In this pathway, you will learn how to create and deliver instructional materials that help students of all ages grow academically across subjects and scenarios.

  • Required Pathway Courses - Child Development, Education 1, Experiential Learning

Health Services Pathway

From paramedics to surgeons, health service workers focus on enhancing wellness through the treatment of acute and long-term physical conditions. In this pathway, you will learn more about the medical field as well as the techniques and methods that are essential to achieving overall health and wellness.

  • Required Pathway Courses - Medical First Response, Health Occupations, Emergency Medical Technicians

Law And Public Safety Pathway

Protecting and serving the best interest of individuals, groups and communities is at the core of the legal, public safety and criminal justice fields. In this pathway, you will learn how to better understand law from philosophical, political, historical and sociological perspectives and how to apply that knowledge when advocating for others.

  • Required Pathway Courses - Street Law, Law 1 and Law 2
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