Romeo Virtual Academy

The Romeo Virtual Academy (RVA) is a program open to grade 6-12 resident students and non-resident students through School of Choice as approved by the board annually. RVA offers students an online option for independent learning with support from RVA mentors.  We also provide an in-district, on-site learning lab to promote student success that is located within the Powell 9th Grade Academy on Jewell Road.

If you have questions about the RVA program, please contact the RVA Supervisor, Mr. Dave Mineau at (586) 281-1230. 

If you have questions about enrollment, please email

RVA Brochure

Life doesn’t always fit neatly into regular school schedules. Competitive travel sports, extenuating family circumstances, medical, social, and/or emotional concerns, along with a host of other valid reasons can necessitate looking for alternatives to the traditional in-person school setting. With the Romeo Virtual Academy, school hours are when they work for your student and not the other way around. Regardless of the circumstances, our staff will work with your student to schedule classes that will keep them on track for graduation with their specific needs in mind.

We know that within “R” Family, one size does not fit all. What is certain is that your student will be earning a diploma from Romeo Community Schools and not some unknown entity. Colleges and universities in Michigan and beyond will recognize the diploma earned through our Virtual Academy the same as the one earned entirely through the traditional means. Your student is a part of our district and this means extra-curricular opportunities are available to them. Students enrolled at RVA, just like those at Romeo Middle School or Romeo High School, will have access according to district guidelines and policies.

Whether your student is new to the district or already a part of the Romeo family, a variety of resources will be available if needed. Your student will be eligible to acquire a district issued Chromebook, though the opportunity to use your own PC is certainly an option.

A fully apportioned Learning Lab is also available to your student as needed. This lab is equipped with spacious work spaces, desktop computers, comfortable accommodations, and staff is available to mentor and assist your student during the scheduled hours of operation. Depending on the time students are in the lab, breakfast and/or lunch is available through our food service program.

The school day and hours for the RVA student is personalized to support and meet the needs of individual learners. RVA middle school students in grades 6-8 are enrolled in 7 classes as required by Michigan State Standards, students take core classes and electives. RVA high school students will take 6 classes that satisfy all Michigan Merit Curriculum requirements which will also include opportunities to take elective courses.

If you are a current Romeo Middle School or Romeo High School student your first step is to contact your school counselor. 


If you are not a current Romeo Community Schools student please follow the steps below. If you are a current Romeo student please contact your school counselor.

If this opportunity sounds like it will serve your student and your family’s needs, we would be delighted to work with you and your student.  To get started, follow the process below:

1. Express interest in RVA by contacting the enrollment office:
(586) 281-1404 or by emailing

2. Transition Meeting/Conference (Will be scheduled via virtual, phone, or in-person)

· Discuss your circumstances and the RVA program

· Review Academic Record (HS: Transcript, MS: Report Cards)

3.  Complete the Enrollment Process

· Current Student—Receive enrollment confirmation from the Enrollment Coordinator

· Student of Choice or New Resident Students—complete enrollment gateway requirements and/or enrollment process

4.  Registration

· Establishes student schedule

· Develop an individualized virtual learning plan and pacing guide

5.  Orientation (Scheduled in-person)

· Technology Distribution

· Learning Management System Overview

· Program Expectations

· Required weekly meetings with mentor

· Maintaining pace, engagement, and grades outlined in pacing guide

Contact the enrollment office: (586) 281-1404 or by emailing


In the Learning Lab, students can meet with their mentor, have a quiet place to work, and/or receive academic support. The Learning Lab hours are communicated to students once the school year begins. The Lab is housed in the Powell 9th Grade Academy. The address is 62100 Jewell Rd., Washington. 



Since virtual learning lacks the structure of in-person learning, it is imperative that students maintain a schedule, regular attendance/engagement, and a pace to ensure they are able to complete all courses by the end of the semester. The following are required for students to remain a Romeo Virtual Academy student:

Attend weekly scheduled meetings with his/her mentor (in-person or remotely). In this meeting, the student and mentor will discuss grades, pace, progress, etc.

Maintain a minimum pace, with passing grades, as is specified by each student’s individualized pacing guide. This pacing guide will outline the amount of progress that needs to be made in each course, each week.

Meet all requirements for Count Day each semester. Mentors can provide specifics on Count Day requirements.

The video below will walk you through the basics of getting started and navigating your courses in RVA.  Please feel free to reach out to the RVA Supervisor,  Amy Maruca, if you have any questions!


2023-2024 RVA Course Guidebook

RVA Brochure

RVA Welcome Letter and Expectations

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