Foreign Exchange Students-Guidelines and Procedures

The School District will accept international/foreign exchange students, subject to the superintendent or designee’s reasonable discretion. 

Foreign Exchange Requirements and Process
A student wishing to enroll in the School District as an international exchange student must meet the following requirements: 

  • The provision of evidence of approval by the United States Department of State, including a J-1 student visa
  • Affiliation with a program on the Council on Standards for International Education and Travel (CSIET) Advisory List on International Education Travel and Exchange Programs
  • The provision of the name, address, and telephone number of the program’s local representative and most recent brochure
  • The provision of the names, address, and telephone number of host family; host family shall live within the Romeo Community Schools boundaries
  • Proof he/she will be at least 16 years old by the date of first attendance in the School District
  • Provision of suitable proof of health and accident insurance
  • Proof of the ability to communicate and learn in English, as evidenced by a secondary level English proficiency test
  • The exchange student shall also have proof of current immunizations
  • The completion of an application to the School District’s Enrollment Office ( between March 1 and June 30.

Once Accepted

  • Counselor will contact the host family 
  • Student shall be placed in 12th grade courses
  • Counselor will review any coursework the exchange student needs to complete per application and program requirements
  • Student will not receive a diploma. However, student may walk during commencement upon written request to the principal and his/her approval