Employee Benefits Information and Forms

Per REA contract language for the teachers opting for the MESSA ABC1 Plan,  the employee payroll contributions will be sent via electronic funds transfer, and funds will be deposited on the pay date.

The Health Equity customer service number is 1-866-346-5800 or online at https://www.healthequity.com.

If you paid for services with a check, different credit card, cash or some other means and need to be reimbursed from your Health Equity Account, there are several ways to reimburse yourself -- electronically, check, submit form, or online.  It would be best for you to call Health Equity, and they can let you know the ins and outs of your new HSA plan!

Additional questions or concerns can be sent to margaret.malburg@romeo.k12.mi.us or by calling 586-281-1410.

Open enrollment - Plan year Beginning January 1

If you are changing your benefits, please check Benefits By Group section.

FORM REQUIRED for persons opting out of RCS medical plan.

FORM REQUIRED - Cafeteria plan form for cash in lieu benefit.

AFSCME - Forms are not required.  Forms are only required if you are changing or adding dependents.

FORM REQUIRED - Only if making changes to MESSA insurance.  (See notes on Open Enrollment Instruction Sheet.)

Medical and Dependent Care Reimbursement Accounts (Flexible Spending Accounts).  Calendar year plan year beginning January 1.

Medical and Dependent Care Reimbursement Accounts administered by MESSA.  The plan is called MESSA OptionAll.  Please see the tab under Open Enrollment for worksheets on how to calculate conservative amounts for your pre-tax account.  Eligible employees are:  REA, RASPA (over 5 hours per day), ROSPA, Administrator, Supervisor, Director, Confidential Secretary.  Form required for enrolling, re-enrolling or cancelling coverage.  Please complete the MESSA OptionAll election form for the new plan year.


E-mail questions to Margaret Malburg.

Teachers have the choice of two different medical plans.  The two plan offering begin on January 1.  See "NEW PLAN INFORMATION"  and "NEW PLAN FORMS" folders below - this shows the MESSA ABC Plan 1 details.