2019-2020 School Year

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Emergency Information

This webpage has been established to update our school community about the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) and the District's procedures and plans.  With this emergency rapidly changing we will continue to update the information as quickly as possible.  Please check back to this site for the latest information and updates as we stay in regular contact with county and state agencies.   We will stay focused on the needs of our students and their families.  Partnering across the district, we will do whatever it takes to support each other during these challenging times.    

Knowing that students, staff and all of our families are facing a situation that is constantly evolving, we acknowledge that providing education in the same way we normally do during the last part of the year is not realistic. Likewise, parents working from home cannot be expected to be the sole providers of their children’s learning. Our number one goal right now is for your students to feel safe and supported during this time, while offering them the opportunity to advance their learning and create an environment that is predictable and meaningful. Next fall, as we have always done, the Romeo Community Schools teachers and staff will meet students where they are and provide instruction as needed.

In Romeo Community Schools we have worked with staff to identify the critical skills and concepts that need to be learned by students at each grade level.  These critical skills and concepts will be the focus of the lessons during remote learning. These skills and concepts are aligned to state standards. It is not expected nor desired to have teachers teach everything that was in their Planbook for the remainder of the year.

Flexibility should be made for students and staff within the plan.  

Goals of the RCS Continuity of Learning Plan:

  • Creating remote learning that attends to student social and emotional needs.
  • Maintaining relationships with our students.
  • Maintaining prior learning and building new learning.

PDF DocumentDistrict Continuity Of Learning COVID-19 Response Approved Plan

PDF DocumentMISD Official Approval Letter

PDF DocumentMacomb County GSRP Continuity of Learning Approved Plan

PDF DocumentMacomb County GSRP Continuity of Learning Approved Plan 7/13/20

PDF DocumentMISD Official Approval Letter



               Early  Childhood   Learning  

               K - 5th  Grade  Information                           

               6th - 8th Grade Information   

               9th - 12  Grade  Information

Samaritan House

PDF Document2020 School's Out program


RCS Food Service

PDF DocumentFood Service Community Memorial Day Notice

PDF DocumentRCS Food Service Meal Distribution Schedule 4/15/20

PDF DocumentSpanish RCS Food Service Meal Distribution Schedule 4/15/20


Gleaners Food Bank's next date for distribution is this Wednesday, March 25th at 1:30.  Please note that they have implemented new distribution practices to ensure everyone's safety. 

PDF DocumentDates and instructions

Supporting your child during the school closure

The wellbeing of our students is very important to all of us. We realize this can be a stressful time for adults as well as children.  During this school closure we want to share information with you to support your children and family. We are providing several links and documents to help you speak with your child about the coronavirus and managing their feelings.   Please do not hesitate to reach out to your building administrator or teacher if you need further support.

PDF DocumentRomeo MISD Mental Health Guidance Letter COVID-19 ENG

PDF DocumentRomeo MISD Mental Health Guidance Letter COVID-19  SPA

External LinkPBS- How to Talk to Your Young Kids about Coronavirus 

External LinkNational Association of School Psychologists-Talking to your children

External LinkSocial Emotional Learning at Home - Slideshow with Short Daily Activities for use at Home

External LinkCDC - Stress and Coping during Covid 19 Resources for Adults and Children

PDF DocumentTalking with kids about COVID-19


The following public health agencies are responding to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak and providing the most up-to-date and comprehensive best practices.

Michigan Department of Health and Human Services                         Center for Disease Control and Prevention                          Macomb County Michigan